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  • Students develop fluency with fractions, decimals, and percents
  • Students analyze and present data in charts, tables, and equations
  • Students engage with concepts of geometry including area, perimeter, surface area, and volume
  • Students use proportional and linear reasoning to solve contextual problems

English Language Arts

  • Students read from classics and contemporary text.
  • Students will read to develop an understanding of other perspectives, identities, and cultures.
  • Students will be able to express themselves clearly and creatively in all modes of writing. Narrative, informational, persuasive, and analytical
  • Students will develop the skills to comprehend, interpret, analyze and critique complex literary and informational text.
  • Students will develop communication skills to respond to different audiences, tasks, and purposes.


In 6th and 7th grades, students will rotate through a series of four exploratory classes, taking one each quarter. The exploratory classes will include Project Lead The Way engineering, family & consumer sciences, art, computer technology and health.


  • Students will observe and ask questions about the world around them and design and conduct scientific investigations collecting and organizing data to communicate their ideas with others. 
  • Students will develop and use models to demonstrate their understanding of phenomena in the world around them.

Social Studies

Students learn about and are challenged to think critically about individuals’ role in our community, nation, and world. In MS, students being to deepen their understanding of the core principles of democracy and the role government plays within society.

Pathways Electives

Middle school is a time when students are learning about themselves and their passions. Our schedule gives them more opportunities to explore elective courses that interest them, including music, world languages, physical education, film & animation, AVID, Project Lead The Way and more. Electives are aligned with One91 Pathways career fields at Burnsville High School.

Digital Learning

In middle school, students in 6th and 7th grade take a digital exploratory classes that teach age-appropriate technology skills and embed those skills as they learn how to make videos, study copyright laws, learn web design, computer animation, and programming, and investigate careers in these areas. In 8th grade, students are able to take One91 Pathways technology electives that enable deeper exploration.

Embedded Honors

Embedded honors opportunities will be available to students in core subject areas (literary arts, social studies and science). This allows students to try honors work within their classroom, removing the barriers associated with traditional honors classes by opening up the opportunity to each student. Honors work focuses increasing students' ability to think critically.


Assessments in District 191 are used to ensure accountability increase student achievement.

  • Develop focused instruction and interventions to increase student achievement 
  • Examine data for instructional planning 
  • Design and implement staff professional development programs to meet specific academic areas