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Nicollet teacher receives Inclusive Educator Award

Nicollet teacher receives Inclusive Educator Award

Nicollet Middle School special education teacher Megan Tillman recently received the Inclusive Educator Award, given by Intermediate School District 917. The award was presented as part of Inclusive Schools Week to highlight and celebrate the progress schools have made in implementing inclusive practices to ensure a quality education for all students. 

“I’m very humbled, shocked and thankful that I received (the award). It’s nice to know that our work is seen and appreciated,” Tillman said. “I feel like all students are able to learn and able to express themselves, so we need to provide them with education no matter what. We work really hard to make sure they’re experiencing similar things that their peers are.”

As a special education teacher, Tillman works with students with a wide range of needs, including students with genetic disorders, cerebral palsy and low-functioning autism. She has served in this role with District 191 since 2013.

Tillman was nominated by District 917 teacher Pearl Devenow.

“Megan has been teaching students with multiple disabilities and health needs for years. I know from experience that this can be a tough job, but every time I have ever been in Megan's classroom, she has a rich curriculum with each student having access according to their needs,” Devenow said. “It's like watching a conductor over an orchestra as she manages many paras as well. She keeps her staff and students engaged by ensuring access for all.”