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Share your spark, set the tone for 2021-22

Share your spark, set the tone for 2021-22

We know that the 2020-21 school year was anything but typical. But we also know difficult times can provide a spark for creativity and new learning. In so many instances, students, staff and families didn't just handle the last year well, they found and nurtured that spark.

We're asking students, staff and parents to share some of those experiences from last year to set the tone for this year. Record a short, 1-minute or less video, submit it through the form below and we'll compile them to share with staff as part of our back-to-school event. Your sparks will help us accelerate into the coming year.

You can use the following prompts to help shape your video, or come up with your own message:

  • How did your teacher(s) or other staff make a special effort that meant a lot to you last year?

  • What is something you learned last year that maybe you wouldn't have if it had been a more typical year?

  • How did you grow as a student/educator/professional last year? 

Submissions are due by Aug. 27. 

If you have any problem using the form below or have questions, please contact the District 191 communications office at

Submit Your Spark!